Surveys and market studies

“Information is power”

Our Surveys give you information about your company and employees. These surveys help your managers learn more about employee loyalty and productivity. These surveys are a great tool to improve employee satisfaction and efficiency at work.

We provide both traditional (hardcopy) and internet-based surveys as well as market research based on your needs:

1. Employee Opinion Survey

Employee opinion Survey is a key management tool to improve performance. At an executive level, knowing where your company stands, what works within it and what does not, is critical information that will influence the strategic decision-making process.

We follow the following process in planning and conducting an employee opinion survey:

  • Survey preparation (Defining objectives, operational aspects, and communication strategy to involve employees and increase their participation).
  • Questionnaire design (The questionnaire is developed tailor – made by synthetizing the information gathered from needs analysis and applying the international standards in designing an effective questionnaire).
  • Data collection and analysis (The collected results are processed by data processing experts and include quantitative and qualitative data).
  • Action plan (At the end of the presentation of the survey findings we suggest an action plan to implement the next step towards achieving your objectives).

2. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey

To maintain a high degree of employee continuity in your company, make sure they feel satisfied with their work. Happier employees are more engaged, and engaged employees show increased productivity as well. Through this survey you can measure employee satisfaction and engagement in your company.

This will give you valuable feedback and information regarding the areas of your company that need to be improved in order to make your employees happy and consequently more productive

The information you will get from this survey will direct your organisational growth. Through the information you will get, you will know if your leadership model is working for your teams, if employees have the right tools to succeed, if the company culture is healthy and how you can make it better to get the best results from employees and so much more.

3. Salary Survey / Compensation & Benefits

Salary Survey is a tool used to find out and determine the median or average compensation paid to employees in one or more jobs.

This survey provides you with useful information to attract, support and retain long-term employees in the context of the organizational plan as well as to strategically determine various compensation levels in your company based on the market rate for the type of job performed, responsibilities, education level, experience, and other components in your company

4. Market Studies

If you want to invest, expand capacities, etc., then you need the most accurate information for decision making. Above all, your decision should be based on current market situation of the industry and segment that you are interested in.

Before you decide to take your next step, we recommend you spend some time with us and analyze:

  • The market & current situation;
  • Imports & Exports;;
  • Competition;
  • Due diligence;
  • Research for partners, specific products and machineries;
  • Work force quality & Costs;
  • Legislation & Taxation;;
  • Financial Analysis, etc.

We are proud that our Market Research has supported important investments in both Albania and Kosovo. These investments are today a key player in the economies of the respective countries.

Survey Results