Strategic Empathy: The New Marketing Rules for the Crisis and Beyond

A special webinar organised by EPPC Albania, hosted exclusively by Dr. Nikoalos Dimitriadis, one of the top neuro consultants in Europe.

Every economic downturn sees marketing expenditure going down and this pandemic crisis is no different. Already, media-buying companies are revising downwards their outlook for 2020 with many industries worldwide suffering from a collapse in active market demand. Marketing departments are under extreme pressure to do more with much less.

The answer to all this chaos is multilayered, challenging but necessary too. Marketers need to revise their mindset and their behaviors in order to survive the crisis and even to come out of it stronger. In order to do this, Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis uses a variety of approaches, cases and methods to help marketers get a much deeper understanding of the present and future of their marketing and sales efforts, and to elevate Empathy in the top spot of their marketing and sales approach.

The webinar will help you to:

  • Understand the current situation better
  • Focus on the necessary skills for the crisis and beyond
  • Urgently revise their approach to Marketing and Sales by Injecting Empathy in all Levels
  • Rethink corporate and product brand strategies
  • Connecting emotionally with their customers through all touchpoints




Data: 14 Korrik 2020
Koha: 14:00