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DISC theory was developed in the early 20th century by Carl Jung, who is considered to be the father of analytical psychology. DISC was used for the first time in 1951 by the Military Intelligence Service of the United States. The aim was to better know the new recruited staff, how to further develop them, what motivated them, how they communicated, as a tool to help evaluate how they could unlock their full potential.

Nowadays, these dimensions of human behavior have been translated into algorithms.

How do You benefit from DISC assessments?:


– It clarifies the decision to hire someone.
– Promotes, challenges, motivates employees.
– Hire the right candidate. His/Her compatibility with the position and team.
Necessary Trainings.
– How to know themselves better and be successful?

EPPC Albania and Kosovo through CERTIFICATION and exclusive cooperation with Extended DISC, offers all the aforementioned support. DISC questionnaire is available ONLINE, in Albanian language and can be easily completed by anyone.


Successful companies are those that know their employees better.
Successful people are those who know themselves.