ep & partners consultancy ltd. (eppc)  is registered in Tirana, Albania under VAT № K91622016U and is the exclusive partner of Gi Group, which is one of the global leading companies in labor industry.

We provide staff search & selection based on quality rather than quantity, temporary or permanent staff leasing as a very flexible and cost effective business model and staff development through a large number of trainings in both Albania and Kosovo.

We are market leaders in trainings and we have trained the staff of the best companies in Albania and Kosovo, including Raiffeisen BANK, ALBtelecom, NEPTUN, PORSCHE Albania, DHL Express, DIGITALB, MERIDIAN Corporation, etc. Since 2009 we have trained the staff of more than 30 companies by designing, and delivering the best training programs in Finance & Administration, Sales & Customer Service and General Management & Leadership courses.

Today we have a rate of 100% repeated customers, an indication that makes us proud, but at the same time more focused towards excellence in order to make our customers more successful.

 Përfaqësues Rajona Shitjesh ( Shqipëri e mesme )

SQL Engineer

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition Specialist 

Senior Marketing Specialist

Sales Represenative (Për paisje laboratorike)

Përfaqësues Rajonal Shitjesh ( Zona e Jugut )

Sales Representative (Dentist)

Financier/e (Kosovë)

Shofer (me licensën ADR) - projekt në Tepelenë

Këshillues Shitjesh - Lezhë

 Specialist i Marketingut Dixhital

Director of Marketing, PR and Communication

Partner Relationship Manager - Tirana

Përfaqësues Shitjesh (produkte/pajisje laboratorike)

Chief Operations Officer (COO - Kosovo)

Financiere (Prizren)

Junior QA/QC Engineer


Përfaqësues Mjekësor (Laborant Dentar)

Foreign Entity Accountant (Kosovo)

 Drejtor Departamenti i Burimeve Njerëzore

Deputy Marketing Manager

Branch Manager

Supervizor Shitjesh - Shkodër

Partner Relationship Manager - Tirana

 Head of Collection

Specialist/e e Burimeve Njerëzore

Web Developer senior

Recruitment & Talent Officer (International Company)

Medical Representative

JavaScript Developer (Kosovë)

Këshillues i Lartë Shitjesh - Fier

Këshillues i lartë shitjesh ( Agro) - Vlorë

Këshillues i lartë shitjesh - Lushnje

Këshillues Shitjesh - Shkodër

Këshillues Shitjesh - Lezhë

Oficer Kredie - Shkodër

Oficer/e i Mbledhjes së Borxhit

Serviser për aparat të kafesë (Teknik i Servisit) 

Customs & Freight Forwarding - Logistics  

Specialist/e Rekrutimesh & Talent Acquisition  

Dhjetë (10) pozita të lira në hoteleri (Kosovë)

HR Manager (Berat)

Teknolog Frutash 

 Përgjegjës Turni

Administrator (Biznes Agro) 

Manaxher Shitjesh (Fruta-Perime) 

Regional Partner Relationship Manager (Elbasan) 

Regional Partner Relationship Manager (Durrës)

Technical Advisor - Albania & Kosovo 

 Training and Sales Advisor

 Sales Representative (Albania & Kosovo)  

Koordinator Eksportesh (Agropërpunim)  

Retail Supervisor

Recruitments & Talent Officer (International Company)

 Këshillues Shitjesh B2B 

Layout Designer 

 Business Relationship Manager (Vlorë)

Internship - Finance (me pagese)     

 Key Account Manager (Kosovo) 


Menaxher Shitjesh 

Business Advisor

Customer Support - Gjuha Suedeze 

Customer Support - Gjuha Hollandeze 

 Security Expert - Fier (offshore oil & gas industry)


Këshilltarë i Biznesit/Shitje në Terren - Prishtinë

Quality Specialist

Specialist Finance

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service Representative

HR Consultant - Kosovë

Supervisore per attivita di Assistenza Clienti


Operatori Di Assistenza Clienti

Shitëse në Showroom

Operatori Inbound a Durazzo

Operatori Outbound a Durazzo

Team Leader Outbound a Durazzo

Arkitekt për Hapësirat e Brendshme

Agjent Shitjesh (PreSeller)

Operatori Phone Collection Per Recupero Crediti


Specialist Finance

Supervizor Rajonal Shitjesh

Quality Assessment Specialist


Përgjegjës i Mjeteve


Punëtor Magazine

Ekonomist (M)


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