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2 days
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5:00 pm
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Dalina Gjiçali
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Training introduction:

So, you would like to be successful in sales? To achieve this requires a combination of skills and techniques that sometimes are not considered, get forgotten, do not get appreciated at first or simply do not get noticed as they are.  Often people think that they are good in sales, because they “behave well with people”. In order to be successful they have to develop further, to improve, professionalize and extend their “good behaviour with people”. The manners and practical techniques will make you more successful in selling, and your products will have more value. Every one of us is a little “salesperson” inside, but are we all good at it? 

The following topics will be covered:

  • What does a salesperson sell AT ALL?
  • Identification of potential buyers and expansion of possibilities for existing buyers.
  • Necessary elements to become successful.
  • Main stages of sales.
  • When things go wrong.

Target group:

  • The content of the modules is set at a level that makes “The Art of Sales – Manners and techniques” ideally suited to people who have direct contacts with customers and who can benefit from the opportunities these contacts can bring. The course also helps and refreshes the knowledge of people with experience in sales.

Your benefits:

  • You will become a great seller and will make a good impression with clients; 
  • You will be professional and will avoid mistakes at work;
  • You will be able to act professionally in difficult situations.